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Written by Tony D.   
Friday, 06 March 2009 00:09

True Fire is a trademarked term that refers to the technique developed by Mike Lavallee for painting realistic flames.

Mike Lavallee has been an innovator of the different TrueFire techniques for over 10 years.

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Yes, there are a bunch Realistic Flame videos out there. Don't get scammed. If your going to spend the money get a good one.

My list of recommended flame painting technique videos include:

This is the real, fully licensed version of "Truefire". Custom Painter Mike Lavallee finally reveals to you his closely guarded secrets of creating his original True-Fire effects. In this DVD, you will learn:

  • How to design and create this unique technique that gives the illusion of real fire!
  • Mike's secret color recipe he uses to create his photorealistic effect.
  • Tools and supplies required
  • Special tips and tricks that Mike has perfected through 25 years of mastering his craft.

So put on your fire resistant suit and grab your airbrush because it's time to play with fire. Things are going to get hot!

This DVD is the fifth installment in the Smokin Gun Series! Featuring custom painter Ed Hubbs using Kustom Shop paint products. You will learn many styles of Flame Painting, not just one.

  • Rock Star Guitar

  • Smoke Flames on Orange

  • Dancing Flames

  • Metallic Candy Flames

  • Simple 2 Step Flames

  • Colored Flames on White

  • Fat Boy Flames on Black

  • Stylized Flames on White

An hour of the best realistic fire airbrush training you'll ever get on a DVD. You'll be there from scuff to multiple color layers including kandy and clear.

Watch as Anh Pham turns a stock bike into a show piece. Pham demonstrates the various painted shapes, stencils, and freehand airbrush strokes used to make photo-realistic fire effects. He also demonstrates how to incorporate skull stencils and set them on fire, too.

Custom painter Ed Hubbs of Full Blown Kustoms walks you through the entire process of painting old school flames from design to taping and masking to painting. Along the way, Hubbs will show you the tips and tricks to make the process fun and easy.
Rich Evans shows you how to master three-dimensional stylized tribal flames as he demonstrates a custom paint job.
Topics include:
  • Car disassembly /organization
  • Customizing the license plate cover
  • Prepping the car
  • Base Color Touch-Ups
  • Tracing and Pouncing the Pattern
  • Masking
  • Base Sealer
  • 3-Stage Pearl
  • Shadows and Highlights "Light Source"
  • Painting in Jams
  • Panel Alignment
  • Clearcoat
  • Leveling Graphics by Wet Sanding
  • And more...
Realistic flames are all the rage in the motorcycle and automotive kustom markets. In the first video of its kind, Vargas legend Craig Fraser reveals all on how to render killer regular and blue flames for huge profits and head-turning results. In this 30-minute video, you'll learn:
  • The importance and sources of flame references
  • How to lay out a flame design
  • Spraying with House of Kolor urethane paints
  • How to avoid a "clear" sponge
  • How to clean up overspray
  • Freehand airbrushing techniques
  • Use of freehand shields
  • Spraying with kandies
  • Highlighting
  • How to render blue flames
  • How to use the Artool Multiple II stencil
  • Integrating skulls into your flame design
  • Color Mixing ratios
  • How to accomplish a 3-D effect
  • And more!
Flame master Vandemon de-mystifies one of the trendiest and most profitable flame styles in an excellent, easy-to-follow instruction on a 2003 black Dodge Ram. You'll learn how to transfer patterns, use an electro pounce machine, how to use reducer, spray-painting techniques, how to achieve a 3-D look in your ghost flames!

In addition, Vandemon will demonstrate advanced taping techniques, professional razor knife techniques, how to create symmetrical designs, and cutting and peeling pitfalls to avoid

This video is a must for anyone wanting to master realistic flames, the most sought-after and trendiest of custom painting techniques. In this detailed instructional presentation, John Harris paints realistic flames on a 180-inch Hummer Stretch Limo using House of Kolor urethanes.

Topics include sketching the pattern with a spraygun, airbrushing pearls, the anatomy of fire, creating the illusion of overlapping flames, working around door moldings and other obstacles, using House of Kolor kandies, mixing ratios, and more.

Learn from kustom masters how to create flams on cars, motorcycles, and other metal surfaces from design and layout to perfect execution. Craig Fraser, Dion Giuliano and "K-Daddy" demonstrate clearcoat prep, tribal flames, tape layout techniques, fixing paint bleeds, flame drop shadows, pinstriping techniques, and more.

You'll also learn freehand layouts; masking techniques; flame layouts on water skis, wake boards, jet ski handle pulls, and surfboards; creating flame balance; removing a masking system; how to use a pounce wheel; how to use a tack rag; unmasking an automotive surface; and pinstriping tools and techniques.

Here's the can't miss instructional video from the hottest automotive and cycle kustom flame master in the world! You'll learn simple and complex flame layout and design, multi-color execution, masking, pinstriping, airbrushing, and tons more as demonstrated on a motorcycle tank and front and rear fenders.

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